I have started biking

I have started biking. I bought a bike and now I feel young, like some version of those mid-20's bike messengers (I rolled up my pant leg on the ride to and from the train today). Especially when I wear the clip-in shoes, I feel like a perfect machine that can go anywhere forever. It is wonderful.

My town is smaller now. The intuitive calculations of the distance between two points have been proved wrong. I now travel with the wind in my face and all around me, and I get where I am going before I am ready to be done riding. Mental route-planning is new again, because now what is the best way to get there and how good are those roads to bike on, and how fun are those roads to bike on? I have fallen on my bike a few times now, but I have not had an accident. I am afraid of distraction and human error and being hit by a car.

I have read the websites of local bike coalitions, and looked at pictures of bike infrastructure in Amsterdam. I must often stop myself from talking all the time about how nice it is to bike instead of drive.

I don't plan to buy lycra clothing, but I will not promise that I won't buy lycra clothing. I have typed "grand fondo" into internet search engines, and texted my dad to ask his thoughts about compact gear rings. I experience a small disappoint at spin class when the restistance of the fly wheel is not like the resistance of the road, and I look forward to the ride home afterwards.