NanoStudio 2

I have again spent time with NanoStudio 2 on my iPad this week, and it has been productive to change things up. I see this pattern in my creative work: a particular platform will interest me and I will create, but then it’s limitations and inherent friction become too much, and then it is time for a change. This time it has been Ableton 11 and MPE. My initial enthusiasm for both deteriorated into technical frustration and a feeling of being overwhelmed when sitting down at the computer. It is too much for me right now. Music production on the iPad, however, excels at providing quick access to making structured sounds—it is trivial to go from turning on the iPad to producing something recognizable as music. The novelty of using NanoStudio 2 again, combined with this iPad immediacy, is refreshing.

The iPad has its own limitations—there is a reason I cycle back and forth between it and Ableton on the desktop. But today, this week, I am reveling in the joy of creating without struggle.

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